Friday, June 19, 2009


It seems only appropriate that I write about this today. Today would have been my Granddaddy's 86th birthday (and 66th wedding anniversary).

I've been thinking a lot about legacies. My family has never been materially wealthy, but the legacy I've received has been rich.

Every weekend (save one) since May the boys and I have ventured off on a day trip. Each time as I studied the maps, packed the car, got behind the wheel, and started singing our first song, I thought of Mom. I could feel her with me. I could feel her smile. And I could feel the joy of my children. It was like deja vu, except I was sitting in a different seat.

Our destinations have involved a lot of hiking and learning about the natural world. I can't walk through the woods without thinking of Granddaddy. I showed the boys a Jack in the Pulpit in Seneca Creek State Park and could clearly picture Granddaddy bending over to show me the same plant when I was small. He was my personal walking field guide.

So many people have commented on the boys and my travels. They talk about the great memories we're making. They can't believe we don't bring a DVD player or video game on a two hour drive. Some of them think I'm a little crazy. But to me this way you do it. This is what family trips are supposed to be.

This knowledge, this joy, this enthusiasm is the legacy I've inherited.

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