Sunday, September 19, 2010

Final Quest of the Season

The morning of our last quest dawned as beautiful as the day before.  The sky was brillant blue and once again we piled into Sargeant Sherri's car armed with our picnic lunch.

I explained the day's destination to the boys.  We were going to Fort Frederick State Park.  After already completing two quests that weekend, they groaned.  Then I explained what a fort was.

Soldiers? Cannons? Indians?  In their mind, the only way it could be better was if the fort walls were made of LEGOs and the soldiers fought with lightsabers.

The quest was another hike-for-clues mission.  We started in the Visitor's Center and watched the introductory movie.  I think we'll do this from now on.  The boys grasped more of the history than I would have thought.

We walked the short trail to the Fort.

Matt and Sherri take the lead.
We visited the Blacksmith's shop and the park's tiny nature center.  There was a small display of locally found fossils in the latter.  They were a big hit with our paleontologist.

We then walked around to the entrance of the 18th century fort.

We marched across the parade ground and meandered through the museum located in one row of barracks.

We strung wampum beads on a string.

And we took in the view from the fort walls.

Gabe looks wistfully in the direction of the naturalist's fossils.

In these early years of day tripping, I've avoided historical parks like this one.  I didn't think the boys would understand. I thought the history would bore them and I'd spend my entire time trying to calm them down and make them listen. 

I underestimated them.

Obviously, my boys are not yet experts on the French and Indian War, but given in age-appropriate quantities, they understood the basic history of Fort Frederick just fine.

Which brings us to a new era in our adventuring--one my mother would be proud of--the next generation of Mystery Day Trips of Probable Historic Value!

* * * *

Since the boys showed so much interest, I think our first MDTPHVs might have to be other forts in our area. I can think of two:

Fort McHenry

Fort Washington

Know of any others?


  1. I was going to suggest Ft. McHenry. It's one of our favorites. It's close, has a great area to picnic & a good visitors center with video about the historical importance. Enjoy Mama! Lutzi

  2. I'm ashamed to say, I haven't been there since Molly was in a stroller. Which means you would have been in a stroller!