Friday, June 10, 2011

Pool Boys

Our apartment is not a glamorous affair.  It's older and kind of shabby.  My washing machine has never worked right and our neighbor leaves trash on the steps. 

But what is a tolerable accommodation the rest of the year becomes luxurious in the summer.  Our little old complex has a wonderful pool.

Our pool is large and clean and rarely crowded.  There are plenty of lounge chairs--some in the sun, some in the shade. And the majority of the pool is shallow.  Perfect for two mid-sized boys.

I love being able to expose the boys to water. In the two summers we've lived here, we've really been able to work on their swimming skills.

Gabe loves the water. It's his element.  He's been jumping off the side for the past two years.  He can dog paddle short distances and has no problem dunking his head under water.  We bought kickboards last year and are working on strengthening his kick.

Matt is our family's athlete, but he's always been timid around water.  Not so much this year.  He surprised us first by putting his face in the water and then by repeatedly jumping off the side!

Not exactly sure what this was though.

He says it's his killer whale impersonation.

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