Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Strolling Along

When my friends and family heard we were going to Disney this past spring, the overwhelming advice was "rent strollers."

I scoffed.  I may have laughed.  My boys?  Need strollers?  They're big boys.  They hike.  They trek six miles in 90 degree weather uphill both ways.  They can handle a little amusement park.

I ate those words with my Mickey Mouse ice cream bar.

Halfway into day one at the Magic Kingdom, a.k.a. the happiest place on earth, there was serious whining.  Gabe was limping and both boys were begging for a piggy back.  At 85 and 50 pounds respectively, that was not going to happen.

Fortunately for us parents, we were not far from the Frontierland Station of the Magic Kingdom Railway. We boarded the train and rode it back to the main gate where the boys' dad rented a double stroller.  It was a tight fit, but we had substantially happier boys.

Gabe was even able to catch a power nap while we shopped at the Emporium.

We'd learned our lesson and continued to rent a stroller every day that week.  It was nice not to worry about the boys wandering off and we covered way more ground than we could have with the kids on foot.

It amused me that my boys, usually so insistent about their "bigness," had no shame being pushed through the parks.

To date, aside from the extra money involved, I see only one problem with our Disney stroller use. 

Gabe now asks for one whenever we go for a walk.

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