Monday, August 1, 2011

Calvert Marine Museum

Our first visit to the Calvert Marine Museum was just over three years ago.  The boys were a lot smaller.

Then - May 2008

Now - July 2011
What hasn't changed is that we love this little museum.  Admission is inexpensive (all three of us got in for $11), there are lots of interactive exhibits and they have the skeleton of a megalodon.

This fellow was a gigantic ancestor of the Great White and Gabe loves him. We visited his room three times and came back a fourth to say goodbye before we left.

Other museum exhibits include maritime history, biology of the bay, skates and rays and the refurbished Drum Point Lighthouse. I'd love to go back by myself some day and really read the exhibits.  The boys don't have the patience for that, though there was a lot more reading and questions than before.  Particularly, as you might have guessed, in the paleontology section.

The highlight this visit was a boat ride on the William B. Tennison.  We toured Solomon's Island and cruised for a little way up the Patuxent. There was an additional fee for this, but it was worth every penny.

Perhaps one day, the boys will be making their own Bay history.


  1. You're such a good mom! I love the photo showing how much the boys have grown over the years!

  2. Thanks! I love those photos too. I can't believe how much they've grown.