Wednesday, August 17, 2011


One of the highlights of our summer campout was the Park Quest on Jane's Island.  I've wanted to do this paddle quest the past three years, but the weather has always interfered.  So, when Sunday dawned overcast, but thunderstorm free, I was pretty excited.

Jane's Island is located near Crisfield, near the southernmost point of Maryland's Eastern Shore.  The park features 30 miles of water trails and our quest took us on the Short Trail through a section of saltmarsh. 

The boys have grown exponentially this past year and I was unsure of my ability to maneuver a canoe with all that weight in it.  Happily, my cousin, Sherri, came with us.  She's been an honorary member of our team from the beginning and we were happy to have her.  She took Gabe in one canoe and I took Matt in mine.

It was still early and warm, but not hot.  The sky was overcast and there was a nice breeze as we paddled through the saltmarsh.  We saw osprey and seagulls.  We investigated tracks in the mud and learned the difference between rushes and sedges (sedges have edges, reeds are round).  Gabe saw a crab scoot by.  We all saw lots of little snails called periwinkles.

But best of all, I saw this:

A boy who can now use his paddle!

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