Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Campout 2011: Smarshmallows, Park Quests, and Tick Bombs

As you may have guessed from my last post and the lack of posts since, the boys and I have been off the grid and in the woods.

As of Wednesday night, our proposed itinerary looked something like this:

Depart early (possible donut bribe). Head to Martinak State Park in Denton for a Park Quest. Have picnic lunch and continue to Pocomoke River State Park, Shad Landing Area. Set up camp, chill (nature center?). Cook dinner over fire.

Get up, breakfast, attempt Pocomoke River Park Quest. Picnic lunch. Cool off at Delmarva Discovery Center (1/2 price for Park Questers). Cousins arrive in afternoon.

Beach day! Breakfast and head out with picnic lunch. Maybe Assateague Park Quest in the morning?

Breakfast and then canoeing at Jane’s Island for another Park Quest. Cousin's depart for home. Chill afternoon and evening at the campsite.

Leisurely pack. Farewell visits to nature center and playground. Head for home. Maybe ride Oxford Ferry?

With only a few exceptions, we stuck to this schedule. For reasons you'll learn in future posts, we skipped the Discovery Center and the Assateague Park Quest (I'll give you a hint: review title of this post). On the ride home, I was like a horse turned toward the barn, so we also skipped the Oxford Ferry (I'm thinking another day when we can maybe combine it with Blackwater Wildlife Refuge and/or St. Michael's).

Stay tuned for detailed stories of our adventures! I'll get on that just as soon as I take another nap!

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