Friday, September 9, 2011


Ever since he did a biography book report last spring, Gabe has been fascinated by Stephen Spielberg.  Gabe hasn't seen many Spielberg movies, but the fascination was inevitable since the boy's other obsessions involve dinosaurs and great white sharks.

Gabe got an E.T. dvd for his birthday and we decided to make it the feature of our movie night a few weeks ago.  Both boys watched it intently.

At the end of the flick, Gabe smiled and left the room seemingly unaffected by the emotional ending.  I turned to Matt who was sharing the couch with me.  He was trying to wipe his eyes and cover a sniffle.  I grinned as I wiped my own teary eyes. 

"You cry like a girl!" he said, but couldn't keep back a laugh.

I didn't even remind him: I AM a girl.  Nor did I point out his own tears.  I just pulled him close and allowed him to wipe his eyes on my shirt.

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