Thursday, January 26, 2012

Air and Space

We went to the Smithsonian a lot as kids.  Sometimes for specific exhibits, sometimes on a "favorites tour," and occasionally we'd spend an entire day in one museum.

My favorites were the National Gallery (not actually part of the Smithsonian) and the Natural History Museum. My brother loved the Air and Space Museum and it seemed to me he got his choice more than I did.

That probably wasn't the case.

Or maybe it was and my mom just took pity on a boy saddled with two opinionated sisters.


Last Monday, we made it through the American History Museum by early afternoon.  We were in the cafeteria enjoying our lunch when I asked the boys a silly question.

"Want to see airplanes and rockets?"

Twenty minutes later, we were craning our necks at the airplanes hanging from the ceiling of the Air and Space lobby. If they could throw an occasional dinosaur in that place, it would be little/mid-sized boy heaven.

We wandered through most of the ground floor before I dragged my reluctant boys toward the Metro. I wanted to miss rush hour traffic. They would happily have stayed for several more hours. I promised to bring them back another day.

It may still not be my favorite museum, but something about these two makes everything more interesting.

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