Friday, May 18, 2012

Photo Friday: The One that Got Away

I nearly picked up a snake Tuesday and I'm not referring to another bad date.

My office has an annual service day and this year we volunteered with Blue Water Baltimore cleaning trash from a city stream. I was enjoying myself, wading in my rubber boots, scooping all sorts of disgusting garbage from the water and bank of Moore's Run. I pulled a handful of trash from the roots of a stream-side tree, put it in my bag and reached for another handful. Something moved a few inches from my hand and I realized the gray mass was a coiled snake.

My first thought was, "*#%@! Don't bite me!" and my second, "Hold still while I get my camera!"

The snake followed the first command, but not the second.  It wiggled from its hiding place and dropped into the water at my feet.  It ignored my resulting squeak and slithered as fast as it could into a hole just above the water line.

So this Photo Friday is about the photo I did not get.

I did, however, take this one of a section of stream we cleaned.

Moore's Run in Baltimore City

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