Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Haircuts

I've been cutting the boys' hair since their very first trim.  I've no idea what convinced me I could do this.  I have about as much training as a barber as I do a biologist. I blame the venture on my mother, who really could do anything. Her inherent skill made me think "how hard can it be?"

That thought is typically the precursor to disaster.

And there have been a few cosmetic disasters over the years. An accidental "high and tight" comes immediately to mind. Fortunately for the boys, I picked up a trick here and there, was eventually pointed in the direction of instructional YouTube videos and can now turn out a decent boy's haircut.

Today's "Before" photos:

Gabe fighting tears. He hates haircuts.

Matt just hates having to sit still.
When the boys were little they would howl and cry and squirm. It was part of why I continued to cut their hair myself.  I didn't want to inflict that on someone else. 
They still squirm, but there isn't any howling.
In fact, my delusion is contagious.  Matthew decided he could also cut hair.

The "After" shots:

Happy and cool.
Happy and a different kind of cool.

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  1. I love that you let Matt cut his own hair. AWESOME!