Monday, July 9, 2012


I sleep like the dead. But something the night of June 29 woke me up with a start.  One moment I was deep in dreamland and the next I was standing beside my bed dazed and disoriented.  As my brain slowly came to, the first thing it registered was the noise.


Wind like I never heard before. The power was out and Aunty M was scurrying around searching for flashlights. I went to help her and caught a glimpse through the curtains of the trees outside. I didn't know mature trees - full-grown poplars, maples and oaks - could move like that.

We decided to move to the center of the house. We noticed poor Prince Kitty hiding under the old Morris chair.
You know it's not good when the creature with the most natural instinct has taken cover.
The intense wind lasted for twenty minutes, eventually dwindling to regular thunderstorm levels. I've never experienced anything like it. I was relieved to get a text from the boys' dad saying all were safe and hunkered in their basement.

I heard later that winds were clocked at 80 mph on the Bay Bridge. I believe it.

The next morning, we ventured out to survey our damage and check on my Granny, four miles away. Trees, large and small, were everywhere. Our yard was covered in debris.

We were without power for four days (many in our area went much longer). And I won't lie. With the heat, nerves got a little frayed. There may or may not have been tears at some point. We'll be cleaning up for weeks.

But none of our loved ones were hurt and none experienced major damage. In fact, this recycle bin (and later, the contents of our refrigerator) was our only casualty.

Thinking about that wind, I can only feel thankful

Granny's hydrangeas the morning after the storm.

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