Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sleepover Notes

I'm going to interrupt my camping stories to bring you this newsflash: my boys are going on their first sleepover tomorrow night. 

Their day camp is hosting an end of summer overnight event. They're going swimming, playing flashlight tag, having a pajama party, and watching movies. I'm sure they will get little sleep, eat lots of junk food and have a fabulous time.

As I packed their bags, I remembered my first non-family overnight. My Junior Girl Scout troup had a sleepover in someone's living room. I knew my fellow scouts a little, but I was still so shy and nervous. When it came time for bed I was homesick and struggled to hold back tears. I reached in the bag my mom packed for my toothbrush and my hand touched paper.  Upon investigation I found little notes tucked in my pajamas, my socks and even my underwear.  "Have fun!" "Say thank you!" "I'm proud of you!" "I love you!"

They made me smile and roll my eyes and feel very loved. As I snuggled down in my sleeping bag, that feeling warmed me and gave me courage. I stayed up most the night whispering and giggling with the other girls.

Should they need them, I hope these notes have the same effect.

But no whispering with girls.

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