Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Champions in Purple

Did you hear?

There was a big football game on Sunday. I think there may have been two.

Only one mattered to these two.

They were pumped.

Matt has long been a sports fan. He likes anything that involves running, jumping, and/or bouncing as long as it's on dry land. Football, specifically Baltimore Ravens' football, is his current favorite.

When he first got his Flacco jersey, it hung halfway to his knees. Now it's a tad short. No matter. He wears it reverently and supervises its washing. He devoutly ensures the entire family conforms to Purple Friday.

I thought Gabe could care less. He has a purplish shark shirt Matt makes him wear on Fridays.

But last month, Gabe refused to wear a hand-me-down Redskins shirt from one of his cousins. Last week, he begged for a Ravens shirt of his own. On Sunday, he watched more of the game than his brother.

And for that brief time the Ravens were losing, he was a wreck.

"Everything is ruined!"

"The universe is wrecked!"

"Patriots su. . ."

He stopped there. He wasn't so far gone that he missed the mom look.

Happily, the universe righted itself and the game went in his favor.

He passed out shortly afterward, still wearing his Ravens shirt.

Something tells me I have many Sundays of football watching in my future.

Maybe I should finally learn the rules.

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