Wednesday, February 13, 2013


There was a reason I felt so worn at the end of last week. I had a sinus infection brewing and it took me down the past three days.

There was a bright side, though, to feeling bad:

1) I slept A LOT and am feeling more rested than I have in weeks
2) I caught up on the 623 unread articles in my Google Reader

I follow a few news-type feeds, but most of the blogs in my queue belong to creative types: photographers, illustrators, foodies, decorators. They're rubbing off on me and the urge to be visually creative is slowly creeping in.

There was a time when I drew as much as I wrote. I miss it.

And while I'm not ready to break out the paint brushes and canvas, I have resolved to doodle more.

Note that I said "doodle." I'm no Rembrandt. I never was. But making little cartoon Matt's in my work notebook makes me happy.

And speaking of doodling, I have been working on that redesign I promised. Granted, I haven't got that far, but I've been playing with colors and layouts and a wish list of functionality.

It's coming. That I can promise.


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