Monday, March 24, 2014

Featuring New Features!

Back when I was diligently blogging, I introduced a feature called "Sharing the Love."

Once a week, I'd post events and/or day trip suggestions for the coming weekend. That was hard to maintain and, in retrospect, not very helpful to you. Most of my posts were on Thursday and while I may plan the majority of our day trips the night before (or in the car that morning), I recognize most people prefer a little more time.

So, to resolve these issues, I created two new pages. They're two of the pretty links at the top of the green box on the right-hand side of this new design.

"Local Goings On" is a listing, by date, of various kid-friendly events within two or so hours of Annapolis. There's a few events there now, but I will continually add more as I come across them.

The other feature I'm adding is "Favorite Destinations," which will provide a three-thumb rating system and very brief description of the venues the boys and I visit going forward.

We'll see how these new features work out. Feel free to provide your thoughts!

Happy day tripping!

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