Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oh Say Can You See?

Never mind that a snow storm came through Sunday, dumping eight inches of snow in our backyard.

Saturday was beautiful.

We took full advantage and embarked on our first official day trip of 2014. Matt chose our destination - one that's become a family favorite - Fort McHenry.

As far as day trips go, this one almost has it all: cheap (kids under 15 are free, adults are $7); educational; has a dramatic, compelling story; provides lots of outdoor space for picnics or running around; has plenty of nooks and crannies to explore; and there's cannons. Lots of cannons (this being high up on the boys' list of features).

Neither boy tires of hearing about the Battle of Baltimore and the Star Spangled Banner. We watch the movie on every visit and they are completely engrossed.

They also enjoy making fun of me. I get something in my eye every time...

The exhibits are really well done. Lots of information, but presented with images, video, buttons and touchscreens.

Sometimes it takes a little teamwork to see it all.

Definitely our favorite part is visiting the fort itself: poking our heads into the barracks, exploring the guard house and walking between the cannons.

According to Matt, Fort McHenry is an HRA. That's "highly recommended adventure."

Which if you know Matt, you know that's high praise indeed.


  1. I got choked up the other day telling somebody about the movie and the flag reveal. Hell, it's getting cloudy typing this.
    What is wrong with us?

    1. I snorted when I read this. A whole other issue.

      I blame both on Mom.