Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blueberry Goodness

I am a maker of lists.  I have lists on my refrigerator, stuck to my computer and all over my desk at work.  Since my last post, I’ve been working on two lists. One is the aforementioned: What to do with boisterous boys when one is stuck indoors. The other is a list of winter day trips.

Matt, my youngest son, unknowingly helped me with an item for the housebound list. Earlier in the week, I was making dinner and Matt was sitting at the kitchen table drawing pictures. He watched me burn my hand on the pan I’d just removed from the oven and said with sympathy, “When I’m a big boy like Daddy, I’ll make you dinner.”

My first response was to kiss his sweet head. My second response was “Dude, we’re not waiting that long.”

I’ve long felt it’s important for the boys to be taught how to keep themselves. And that’s not really the feminist talking or even the mother who hates to cook and is hoping they’ll one day take over. I think all young people should leave home with basic cooking and housekeeping skills. Who knows what life has in store for them?

I realize I’ve insisted on thinking of my boys as babies—too young to help out. I’m slowly realizing that they are big boys (or at least mid-sized), not babies. It’s time to start introducing these things.

So, this morning, the boys helped make breakfast. The menu: blueberry pancakes.

I showed them how to measure and put ingredients into a bowl.

Gabe stirred the batter.

Matt helped me with the cooking (Deep breaths, Granny. He was closely supervised).

It was fun!

I think they learned!

They ate pancakes with “things” in them!

Who knows? In another month, maybe they can take over the cooking!

(Just kidding, Gran.)

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