Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter Activity Woes

Winter in Maryland is like that overused box of chocolates. Three weeks ago I was digging 22 inches of snow off my van with a bathroom trashcan. Yesterday, it was 54 degrees.

The relative warmth was welcome, but it was just a tease. Winter isn’t finished. Already today is colder than yesterday and the weatherman predicts a dusting of snow to coat the dirty snow mountains still melting in parking lots.

I acknowledge that winter’s gray landscapes and bitter winds are needed to make spring all the more wondrous. But some days I wish I could curl up like a squirrel, wrap my fluffy tail around me, and sleep until spring comes back.

This hibernation attitude has made it difficult to come up with winter activities for the boys. They’re not keen on napping. It was only this past year I could interest them in quiet activities like reading, drawing, and crafts. My guys are quintessential boys. They require action, noise, and the occasional potty humor.

So, what does one do with two raucous boys in a 750 square foot apartment?

I’m working on a list, but in the meantime, what do you do?

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