Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

The boys and I have a New Year's Eve slumber party tradition. 

In years past, we watched movies, camped out in the living room, made crafts and played video games. As this year's holiday approached, I wondered if my guys would rather kick off the New Year with an outing.  A number of venues in our area were advertising family-friendly events.  But with a big trip pending in March and Christmas barely behind us, I decided our regular slumber party would be more wallet friendly.

So, I stocked our refrigerator and pantry with root beer, sparkling cider, popcorn and the ingredients to make pizza. I researched activies and made sure our favorite pjs were clean.

It was a good decision. Friday morning, I woke with a pounding, stuffy head.  My body ached and I felt like I could sleep for days. 

We stayed in pajamas all day.  We spent the morning and early afternoon building the LEGO Star Wars ships the boys received for Christmas.

While the pizza was in the oven, we pulled the queen-sized mattress off my bed and dragged it into the living room.  We watched movies, played Wii and our new Disney Scene It.

Dosed with a liberal dose of cold medicine, I participated in all of these from a reclining position on the mattress. It was the perfect party for me.

Gabriel, normally my night owl, fell asleep first.

Matt, normally snoring by nine, was riled up and ready to go.  He was very interested in the folks at Time Square.  I think he'd fit right in.

Happy New Year!

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