Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Bandana

Once upon a time, on an Air Force base a few miles away, I was a girl scout. For most of my scouting tenure, my leader was a short, slightly crazy, energetic woman who had scouting in her blood. She taught us crafts and nature lore, sung us a barrage of silly and/or heartfelt songs, and filled us with the idea we could be who/whatever we wanted to be. She was a natural leader and she was also my mom.

I think of her often and especially of late when my boys have taken a fancy to one of mom's favorite scouting tools: the humble bandana.

Bandanas have many uses as this old scout example describes. It's an apron, a sit-upon, a sling, a cap, a blindfold, a scarf, etc.
Best guess? This thing is 30 years old. I'm kinda surprised it's intact.
My favorite use, from a young age: the simple kerchief.

Me - circa 1973?
The boys have used their's as a satchel for rock collections, a wash cloth (at my insistance, neither would wash their face on their own), and as a "do-rag," pirate-style.

I think mom would approve.

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