Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sandy Point Park Quest

Last Saturday, the weather was very different. No rain, no wind, no hurricane. And what else does our little family do on a lovely weekend day, but park quest?

Usually, the boys and I plan where we're going the night before, but this quest had been in the works for some time. For one, Sandy Point is one of the boys favorites (there's a beach).  Two, the quest was billed as a pirate quest complete with treasure map.  And third, our full team planned to participate: dad, mom, mom and boys.

Sandy Point fills to capacity most weekends, so we got an early start. We printed our treasure map ahead of time and began at the park's marina.  We found our first clue with ease and set off across the park to find clues two through ten.

We learned about bats, the park's origin as a farm, and our junior geologist found a favorite rock.  This one, he couldn't put in his pocket (my washing machine is grateful).

This was one of the easiest quests we've done.  The boys were able to guess most of the clues and our hike was more of a stroll.

Nine quests down, one more to go!

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