Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Moving Home

My semester ended last night and I have one less lame excuse for not writing. So, here I sit on my lunch break uncertain where to begin. It's been an eventful fall.

I'm feeling slow and writerly, so instead of my usual catch-up montage, I'll take my time and update you over several posts. I'll start with ...

The Move

It wasn't a big move distance-wise (just 20 miles), but it was a huge move quality-of-life-wise.

We moved from our tiny apartment with no outdoor space in a semi-urban environment to my aunt's rambling rancher on almost three acres in the country. My commute is a bit longer, but once I'm home, it's heaven.  We have a fireplace and outdoor fire pit, a patio and sun room, a driveway for boys to ride bikes in, Aunty M to spoil us and loads of glorious space!

Next to Aunty M, my favorite part is easily the yard. We've spent every spare minute outside.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Gabe is an indoor kind of kid.  But even he can be coaxed outside to play a little basketball (I've been teaching them HORSE), jump in the leaves and draw chalk pictures on the driveway.

Matthew needs no coaxing.  I wish we had an odometer on the big wheel, I'm fairly certain he's made the equivalent of several trips to Baltimore and back.

When we're done playing (or in my case working) outside, we come in to a warm, welcoming house. Aunty M has made it clear that it is OUR house. I think we are all thriving in her love.

It's been a while since a house has felt so much like home.

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