Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today would be my mama's sixty-fourth birthday.

Mom was the ultimate girlie-girl. She curled her hair every day, wore makeup and manicured her nails. For years, she did her own acrylics. She mixed the smelly chemicals, painted goo over forms, trimmed and filed until her nails were perfect and smooth. She then painted them her preferred color: pink.

Every year on her birthday, as a silly tribute to her, Aunty M and I paint our (natural) nails pink.

This year, I made a big mess of mine. I got polish on my pajamas and all over my hands. I just noticed a dot between my fingers. How did I do that?

It's funny because I'm often told I'm like mom. Perhaps it's the mannerisms, my dark hair or love of day trips. It's certainly not my perfectly coiffed hair or neatly painted nails!

Thank God I have boys. I can play to my strengths. Perhaps that's what I got from her.

Happy Birthday, Mommy.

Mom putting curlers in my sister's hair - circa 1978

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