Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wildlife Wednesday: Snails

Today, it's cold and overcast. But just a few weeks ago, it was pleasant and sunny. We spent the entire day outside and happened to spot this guy.

He was tiny.  His shell no bigger than a penny.  If I hadn't sat down on the porch for a breather and he hadn't been trekking his way across this bit of wood, I wouldn't have seen him.

Matt and I watched him for a while, but lost him once he hit the mulch of the flower beds.

I surfed the web to see if I could identify him beyond "snail."  But quickly realized there are lots of snails that to the uneducated eye look exactly like this one.

I did, however, learn some cool snail facts:
  • there are more fresh and salt water snails than land snails.
  • snail shells are part of their anatomy.  They aren't like hermit crabs.
  • land snails are usually herbivores and eat things like leaves, fungi and algae.
A snail fact I've known for a while:
  • one can easily and accidentally commit mass snail murder if one keeps them in an aquarium.
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Snail's Tales,

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