Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Last week was rough.

There were some big, scary things I'm not at liberty to talk about. There was a lot of work: at home and in the office. I was under a couple of deadlines. I'm afraid I didn't handle it well.

Friday, as I drove home in the afternoon rush, I listened to NPR stories about the sequester. It was the final straw. I had a temper tantrum on 97.

I will spare you my political high horse. In fact, let's change the subject. I feel myself getting riled again over the ridiculous games worthless politicians play with people's lives.

(See what I mean?)

There were a few good things that happened last week:
  • We had an IEP meeting for one of my boys and the consensus was as I have long believed: he's wonderful. 
  • The bridal shower for my sweet baby sister I'd been co-planning for months came off without a hitch. 
  • I ordered more printer ink from Amazon.com and it arrived two days later.

So, not all bad.

This week, by comparison, is already better. Especially with the promise of a real snow.

As one of my social media friends said, "gotta love a weather forecast that uses the word 'kaboom'."


Here's to counting blessings and inches of snow.

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