Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ten Inches of Snow

So far, this is what four to ten inches of snow from Saturn/Snowquester looks like.

Yeah, I can't see it either.

The morning rain was supposed to turn to heavy snow this afternoon. We had some torrential downpours, the wind blew hard, but no snow.

It's a little disappointing. I like the snow. But the boys and I got off work and school, so I'm not complaining.

My feelings aren't apparently shared. The Interwebs, especially social media, have been full of gripes and moans and downright nastiness. I suppose that's nothing new, but come on people! Give the weather guys a break!

Most of the reports I watched emphasized the complicated factors involved with this storm. Air masses, highs and lows, the temperature of the Bay. . . It may be science, but with so many variables, what happens in the end is still an educated guess.

I'm glad the school systems erred on the side of keeping our kids safe. And I'm glad my employer did the same. I spent the day with my guys, playing "Just Dance" and watching Star Wars in front of the fireplace.

Absolutely no nastiness here.

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