Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Picky Picky Picky

I used to be really good at planning the week's menu and keeping to a grocery budget. I've fallen off that wagon, but resolved this weekend to get back on.

I made a pretty spreadsheet and spent an hour staring at it. I couldn't remember what I used to make!

So, I surfed the web looking for recipes. Grown up meal ideas were pretty easy, but boy meals were challenging. Mostly because of the smaller boy.

Matt hates most green things (with the exceptions of raw cucumbers and raw celery). He will not eat anything mixed together. He does not like cheese or eggs. Most vegetables beyond those already mentioned are out of the question.

I've found that non-parents and parents with easy eaters tend to be a little judgmental about this.

"Don't allow that," they say. "Make him eat his veggies."

Or my favorite: "he'd eat them for me!"

Be guest, my friend. May the Force be with you. You apparently have not met my son with the will of steel.

My meal policy is my compromise. I do my best to make healthy meals they like. If they suddenly decide to hate the entree they loved last week, they don't have to eat it. But there's nothing else. No alternative meals and no dessert. And they have to try at least one bite of anything new before they decide it's disgusting.

That's the law.

Or at least the law when Granny isn't around. Granny (great-Granny to the boys) flouts the law and makes sure bananas or hotdogs are available in place of the prescribed dinner. Sometimes she goes straight to the mint chocolate chip ice cream.

I roll my eyes, but what else can I do? Should I attempt to thwart my 87-year-old grandmother?

If your answer is yes, you haven't met her.

Wills of steel run in the family.

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