Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Say Cheese!

One of the many things that happened during my year of blog sabbatical was the death of my camera.

It was a sad occasion. That battered point and shoot had been with us since the boys were toddlers. It had been dropped, submerged, covered in goo and machine washed. Then one day it just quit.

We went without a camera for three months and then I couldn't stand it. I did extensive research, haunted various box stores, read a ton of reviews and asked questions for weeks. I narrowed my choices to range of cameras I think of as hybrids. More than a point and shoot, but not quite a full DSLR. A camera I can take my usual basic snapshot with now, while learning how to really use it.

I made my purchase last weekend. I had a moment of panic as I paid the bill, but any buyer's remorse is long gone.

I now have three children: Gabe, Matt and a SONY NEX-5T.

I've immersed myself in aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I'm still a little lost, but am no longer reliant on full-auto mode.

Not exactly Ansel Adams, but I'm rather proud of them.

Of course, there is a drawback to this new camera. It doesn't quite fit in my pocket like the old one.

But I've high hopes there too. Hopefully, it will lessen the chance of getting machine washed.


  1. Cool! Good to see you back! When we go to touristy places, I wear the camera in a case on my belt like a nerd. Works well.

    1. Thanks! I wore mine bandoleer style when I went hiking last weekend. It worked, but it wasn't very protected. I got a case that sort of protects it, but is still allows easy access. If it works out, maybe I'll do a post about it (because I'm a nerd too).